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The Role of German Sonnenschein Batteries in Communication System

The Role of German Sonnenschein Batteries in Communication System

At present, most of the batteries used in communication power supply are advanced valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries. The voltage of each cell of these batteries is generally 2V. They form a 48V or 24V system in series. They have two functions: protecting communication facilities and ensuring the smooth operation of the network.

In the protection of communication power supply facilities, battery, and switching power supply system play a role in preventing voltage surge, wave, spike, transient and under-voltage of municipal power grid, effectively protecting communication equipment and preventing downtime accidents. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the network, the battery, UPS and switching power supply system together play the function of maintaining the normal operation of the system when the power supply interrupts, and also play the function of filtering out noise voltage and maintaining communication quality.

Once these German sunlight batteries are installed and put into operation at the communication base station, they will not be replaced in a few years. Therefore, it is of great significance to strengthen the maintenance of the batteries and improve their usage so as to effectively prolong the service life of the batteries.

Main Causes of Rapid Decrease in Capacity and Shortened Service Life of UPS Battery in Base Station

Firstly, the frequent power outages, long power outages and irregular power outages of base stations make batteries charge and discharge frequently. According to the anatomy of abandoned batteries in base stations, the reason for the end of battery life lies in the sulfation of negative plates of batteries, which is a typical phenomenon of early capacity failure of batteries.

Secondly, the setting parameters of switching power supply are unreasonable, the setting voltage of battery under-voltage protection in base station is too low, and the setting voltage of reset is too low, which leads to over-discharge or even deep over-discharge of battery. On the other hand, the sulfation of negative plate of battery is aggravated.

Thirdly, the use environment of base stations is bad. After the power failure of the base station, the environmental temperature of the base station rises gradually due to the absence of air conditioning. Or because of air conditioning failure, the indoor temperature of the base station is on the high side, which reduces the service life of German sunlight batteries.


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