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How to maintain the battery for a longer time?

As a substitute, cars have entered thousands of households and become indispensable transportation items in people's daily life. With the continuous development of science and technology and people's demand for promotion in modern times, various modern high-tech equipments on cars are constantly added, which constitutes the auxiliary power consumption of cars. As the primary auxiliary power supply of car, battery is one of the essential components of car, and its task is also increasing. Assuming that we use and maintain it steadily, the life of the battery will be greatly extended, and vice versa, it will constitute its premature abandonment, add the operating cost of the owner and constitute environmental pollution. So how to maintain the car battery daily, what kind of driving habits should be fostered to improve the service life of the battery? The following is a summary of the easy-to-match community compendium:

First, we should pay attention to understanding the function of storage batteries.

Some motorists do not pay much attention to the function of the accumulator, thinking that the accumulator is only used to start the suggestive machine, or even that it can not be used at all after starting the suggestive machine, so they do not pay much attention to the maintenance of the accumulator, because of this, it constitutes unnecessary damage to some electronic components in the operation of the car. What are the functions of batteries? Its main manifestations are as follows:

1. It is suggested that when starting, the battery should supply power to the starter and the incineration system (gasoline engine).

2. It is suggested that the battery supply power to all electrical equipment and generator excitation windings at low speed.

3. It is suggested that when the machine works at medium and high speed, the battery will convert the remaining electrical energy of the generator into chemical energy for storage.

4. When the generator is overloaded, the accumulator helps the generator supply power to the electrical equipment.

5. The battery is also equivalent to a large capacitor, which can absorb the instantaneous high voltage in the circuit and maintain the electronic components. It also plays a very important role in maintaining the voltage stability of the car electrical system. This function can only be guaranteed in the case of excellent battery operation, which is simply ignored by people.

Assuming that we are clear about and pay attention to these functions, not only has the advantage of improving the life of the battery, but also makes you more comfortable when using the car.

2. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of storage batteries

The service life of car batteries depends on the structure and quality of the batteries on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is closely related to daily maintenance. Therefore, we should do the following points in operation:

1. Watch out for robust and clean maintenance of equipment

German Sunshine Battery equipment on cars should be robust and reliable, to prevent the car from making a sensation during the journey, which constitutes battery internal plate damage and external wire connection loosening. Secondly, car starter batteries can accept short-term discharge with high current, but long-term discharge with low current will lead to a decline in battery life; therefore, dust and mud on the batteries, as well as electrolyte overflowing from oxides and filling ports on connection posts and wire heads, should be removed frequently to keep the batteries clean and monotonous so as to prevent self-discharge of the batteries.

2. Pay attention to charging in time

When the battery voltage is short, the light is dim and the starting is weak, it should be recharged outside the car in time. The storage capacity of the battery can be reflected on the dashboard. When the ammeter pointer shows that the storage capacity is short of about one third of the discharge, it should be charged in time. Overdischarge is more than two-thirds of the discharge. Overdischarge charging has a relatively large current, which is not conducive to the recovery of active substances. Sometimes we find that the electricity is not enough during the journey, and the machine can't start when it stops. As a temporary measure, we can turn to other vehicles for help. When a car trudges in the cold area, it is necessary to prevent the battery from discharging completely and the electrolyte from freezing.

3. Punctual inspection

A. Check whether there are cracks in the battery shell and leakage of electrolyte.

B. Often check whether the battery connection is strong or not, and all the loose connectors must adhere to excellent touch to prevent sparks and battery explosion.  For example, it is often checked whether the fixed bolt of the battery on the bracket is tightened, whether the pole and wiring head are firmly connected, not to put metal on the battery in order to prevent short circuit, and the sealing glue cracking should be corrected in time. Check whether there is aging or short circuit in each part of the circuit.

C. Check the density of electrolyte and the height of liquid level regularly, check the discharge degree of battery, and prevent early decommissioning due to overdischarge.

D. Pay attention to the normal charging circuit of the battery. When the battery is overused, the charging indicator lamp will show whether the charging is normal or not. The following methods can be used: let the car stick to idling at night, turn on the headlamp of the car, shine on a fixed position, look carefully at the center of the lamp, and then quickly refuel to see if the lamp suddenly turns on. The brightening indicates that both the generator and the charging line are normal.

E. Cars are temporarily parked to prevent exposure in summer and freezing in winter. When the car is parked for a long time, it should start for more than half a month and suggest that the engine should work at medium speed for more than half an hour. It is better to remove the battery and store and maintain it alone for a long time.

3. Develop excellent driving habits

On the basis of daily maintenance, we should also develop excellent driving habits, as follows:

1. Don't start the vehicle frequently.

Do not exceed 5 seconds each time starting the recommended motor. Assuming that the first start fails, do not rush to start again. From the operating principle of the car, at this time, the continuous starting motor will definitely constitute the excessive discharge of the battery and damage it. Therefore, the time distance when starting again should exceed 15 s. If continuous 3


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