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Main differences between German solar colloid battery and AGM battery

Main differences between German solar colloid battery and AGM battery
AGM battery and German solar colloid battery are two kinds of sealed lead-acid batteries which are manufactured by non processing technology. They have great differences in design idea, electrolyte fixing mode, assembly requirements, structure and performance of German solar battery. For German sunshine AGM battery, AGM diaphragm is used to fix the electrolyte. Generally, poor electrolyte is used to design and realize compact assembly structure, which makes the double deck battery lighter in weight and better in discharge performance. Due to the low acid content, high density sulfuric acid is required. Double board AGM battery has short service life and low manufacturing cost. It is suitable for middle and low end customers, especially for UPS applications with short service life. For the German Sun storage battery (battery), the electrolyte is rich, the amount of sulfuric acid electrolyte is large, the density of sulfuric acid is relatively thin, the electrolyte is fixed by gel, and the electrolyte is not stratified. The battery has good deep discharge performance, long service life, resistance to overcharge, over discharge, high and low temperature and other adverse environmental impact, good stability and reliability, small self discharge, long shelf life, not easy to cause thermal runaway, more suitable for middle and high-end users. Sonnenschein battery


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