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How about the quality of German Sonnenschein Battery

Sonnenschein battery (storage battery) is a world-class colloidal storage battery. Its service life is 12 years, some up to 20 years. It has self-protection performance of overcharge and overdischarge. The solar battery plate is made of antimony-free alloy. The self-discharge of the battery is very low. The pollution-free and liquid-free battery belongs to high green battery. The battery is made safe and reliable by using high sensitive low-voltage umbrella exhaust valve.

The sliding seal of multi-layer acid-resistant rubber ring is adopted to ensure the sealing performance of pole column growth in later service life. Gel electrolyte without internal short circuit. It has large heat capacity, strong heat dissipation ability, strong self-operation ability for temperature overheating runaway phenomenon, strong anti-deep discharge ability of German solar cells, 100% of which can still be connected to the load after discharge, and 95% of the original capacity can be restored by charging in January or so.


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